Simulation to help streamline the glass melting process


Partner: Glass Service
Type of cooperation: Test before invest – rental of computational resources

Glass Service has been delivering innovative services and hardware and software products to increase the efficiency of glass melting, treatment, and forming since 1990.

The focal point of the cooperation with the EDIH Ostrava is optimising the glass melting process concerning the durability of the components used in the manufacturing process. The molten glass has a very corrosive effect on all materials it comes into contact with, thus negatively affecting primarily the entire furnace’s lifetime and the resulting quality of the glass.

The project aims to refine the alternative mathematical model of the regenerator, derive the loss terms in the moment equations and determine heat transfer efficiency by simulating glass furnaces and their accessories. Hydrogen combustion is also related to the corrosion rate process and will be investigated in the project’s second phase.

The EDIH Ostrava support is provided in the form of favourable rental of computational resources of the non-accelerated part of the Barbora supercomputer, operated in IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center.

The project is currently in progress.