Improving the efficiency of automation systems for industry


Partner: ELVAC a.s.

Field: Test before invest – domain expertise

For more than thirty years, the ELVAC Group has been involved in the production automation, design and production of assembly lines, robotic workstations, energy efficiency control and optimisation, measurement and reduction of emissions in production, and the development of maintenance management software, production planning, and machine monitoring for various industries.

The subject of the cooperation between the EDIH Ostrava and ELVAC is developing and extending the functionality of its company  ElvacMacro software. The software is primarily intended for automating the design process of control and visualisation applications. The project analyses the current state of the software, proposes new functionalities for its extension, and implements these functionalities. The project also addresses the overall optimisation and improvement of the software efficiency. Using this software, the company can implement large-scale engineering projects in industrial automation significantly faster, more efficiently, and with higher quality than its competitors.

Within the EDIH Ostrava, the project is implemented by the researchers of the Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VSB-TUO.

The project is currently in progress.