Digitalisation projects to increase process efficiency


Partner: EPO MACHINERY s.r.o.

Field: Industrial automation and robotics

For more than 30 years, EPO MACHINERY has been supplying single-purpose equipment, robotic workstations, and large-scale production lines with varying degrees of automation to most industries. Their clients come not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad.

The focal point of the cooperation between the MSIC and EPO MACHINERY is digitalisation. The company’s motivation for introducing digitalisation was due to lower efficiency in exchanging digital data between the machine construction and the subdivisions managed in the CRM and ERP systems. The objective of the company’s planned development was to design the digital optimisation of selected processes within the company, thereby increasing their efficiency.

As part of the DIGI Sken service, an expert performed an initial audit of the company’s initial state and proposed priority change projects, reflecting the bottleneck defined by EPO MACHINERY. Recommendations included deploying a suitable digital PLM information platform for product lifecycle management and information unification and integration of the organisation’s downstream systems.

The DIGI Projekt programme led to the selection of the best supplier solution, including its simulation.

In the future, another follow-up DIGI Supervision service can be expected. This will allow MSIC experts to help implement the solution in the company’s environment.

The Managing Director of EPO MACHINERY Ing. Aleš Čáp: “We appreciate the cooperation with the MSIC. They helped us a lot with analysing our IT processes. Together, we identified areas suitable for standardisation and streamlining of data processing. This primarily includes the integration of the PLM database into our EPR system. We have now submitted an application for funding under the Digital Enterprise programme and are in the tender preparation process.”