The process map helped bring the data under control


Partner: TOP-MODERN spol. s.r.o.

Field: Machining

TOP MODERN is an Opava company that specialises in producing high-precision parts using modern conventional and CNC machining technologies with a focus on finishing operations and 3D measurement. It produces components for various machinery and technological units – research instruments, optoelectronics, oil industry, energy, and machine tools, predominantly for Western European markets. The company’s origins date back to 1997.

TOP MODERN belongs to the portfolio of companies for which MSIC implemented the DIGI Sken service to analyse the company’s current state in the field of digitalisation and information flow. The scan showed that much of the information the company works with is not part of a single ERP system. Therefore, the expert suggested steps to streamline these processes.

One of the outputs was the creation of a process map. This map helped the client realise which data they have available, how they work with it, and everything they have in their information systems, in emails, on papers, etc. The expert not only saved the company time by helping define their needs but also participated in preparing the assignment to select a suitable supplier.

In the future, TOP MODERN plans to focus more on the area of production, its planning, and evaluation through bidirectional data flow control. Therefore, in 2024, the cooperation with the MSIC will continue within the DIGI Supervision service.

Check out the reference video.

“I would recommend DIGI Sken to other companies. A lot of them have internal operational blindness. The program will help open their eyes and show them the path they should take. One of the most important things we created together with an expert is a process map of the company. In the coming years, we plan to improve it and develop the company using digitalisation as well.”

Mojmír Šimon Pavelka, TOP MODERN representative