Testing HPC Technologies


This service allows companies and public organisations to test or experimentally use HPC capabilities while solving their own specific needs or problems.

We offer:

    • Discounted Access to the HPC capabilities (infrastructure, SW, know-how) via:
      • Rental of a specific HPC infrastructure
      • Provision of HPC/HPDA/AI/Big Data expertise
      • Provision of the specific commercial/proprietary/open-source SW or services related to its deployment in HPC infrastructure
    • The HPC infrastructure contains:
      • A universal part for standard numerical simulations
      • An accelerated part for AI computations
      • Servers dedicated to providing cloud services
      • A part designated for large dataset processing

      For whom the discounted service is intended: small and medium-sized enterprises, small midcaps, and public organisations based in the EU

Particulars of Discounted Service Use: we provide a discount of up to 85 per cent for private enterprises, and up to 100 % for public organisations (as compared to market rates). The discount for enterprise is provided de minimis, by Commission Regulation No. 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013.

The Process of Service Preparation

  • Each applicant (interested party) interested in this service contacted Ostrava.
  • The applicant is then contacted either by an authorised person of EDIH Ostrava. Together, they adapt to the applicant’s demands in light of the available HPC services. The authorised person also describes the entire process of the request submission and the subsequent implementation of the activities and procedures to be followed if selected.
  • The applicant elaborates on a specific request following the received request. The EDIH Ostrava provides the applicant with experts ready to assist, adjust the request, and align the needs of the applicant with the options and possibilities of the EDIH Ostrava services.
  • An elaborated and signed request form is then submitted (via email) to the contact person of EDIH Ostrava.
  • Based on the received request, EDIH Ostrava then prepares a price quotation.
  • Simultaneously the request for discounted service is evaluated by the evaluation committee that approves or declines the request by the following criteria:
    • a. The market maturity and potential; the innovation potential; the social and environmental impact
    • b. The experiment design; the soundness of the technical approach; the extent of resources to be committedNote: if the company only plans to rent a specific HPC infrastructure, the general purpose of the HPC infrastructure use will be evaluated, i.e. a reasonable justification for the necessity of using the requested HPC infrastructure about the specific needs of the company must be provided.
    • c. In the case of the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, any potential ethical issues must be specified.
  • Upon the approval of the application (Request for Discounted Service), the contract for the provision of discounted services will be prepared.

For more information, contact:
Tomáš Stejskal
+420 724 088 001

Cooperating entities

EDIH Ostrava is gradually developing a network of cooperating entities – these are start-ups, technology companies, clusters, other domestic and foreign digital innovation hubs or another organization.

Do you want to cooperate with us? Contact us