Improving Digital Readiness and Skills



Digital readiness support

  • Chain of digitalisation services to increase the level of digitalisation in a company:
    • DIGI SCAN: a digital auditor goes through the enterprise’s main processes
    • DIGI PROJECT: a digital transition project plan is prepared
    • DIGI SUPERVISION: to avoid mistakes during the implementation of digital tools
    • CYBER SCAN: a brief security check to ensure the safety of the company


Specific oriented training

  • Workshops or Training courses designed for a specific client (training on demand)
    In the technological specialisations of EDIH Ostrava: advanced simulation and modelling, use of AI, structural analysis and optimisation, SW applications in the implementation of PLM, virtual automated and digitised testing etc.

» TRAINING OFFER (Czech only)

Skills for the “Digitised Age”

  • Practical workshops to understand the principles and logic of digitalisation, to get acquainted with key technologies, and to learn about the benefits and risks of digitalisation.
    a. Webinars intended for owners, managers, and employees involved in the digitalisation of the corporate environment
    b. They are mainly one-day seminars focusing for example on infrastructure for digitalisation of enterprises; data and information management etc.
    Courses are Czech language only.

» TRAINING OFFER (Czech only)

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