Digital Readiness Support


This service is primarily aimed at regional small and medium enterprises and comprises three interlinked programmes. We also offer a cyber security audit:


  • Are you aware of the benefits that digitalisation could bring to your company? Are you ready for digitisation?
    • 8 hours of consultation
    • Digitalisation and business process experts
    • Costs fully covered by the EDIH Ostrava project

DIGI Project

  • Do you want to reduce unnecessary paperwork and get more done for less money? Are you looking for a guide to digitising your business?
    • 40 hours of cooperation,
    • Digitalisation and business process experts,
    • More than 80% of costs covered by the EDIH Ostrava project

DIGI Supervise

  • We prevent mistakes when implementing digitisation tools. We provide independent specialists who can defend the interests of the given company during the search for an integrator, negotiations, and subsequent implementation, and can ensure the completion of the project without complications.
    • 60 hours of cooperation
    • Help from experts during the digitisation of the company
    • 50 % of costs covered by the EDIH Ostrava project


  • Are you worried about cyber attacks and the loss of valuable company data? We will check your security and advise you on how to optimally protect yourself.
    • Verify your company’s security
    • Cyber security experts
    • Costs fully covered by the EDIH Ostrava project

For more information, contact:
Martin Jurek
+420 731 701 784

Cooperating entities

EDIH Ostrava is gradually developing a network of cooperating entities – these are start-ups, technology companies, clusters, other domestic and foreign digital innovation hubs or another organization.

Do you want to cooperate with us? Contact us